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Bunny fruit carrot candle

Bunny fruit carrot candle

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Introducing our whimsical Bunny Candle with Carrots, a delightful addition to your space that brings together charm and fragrance! Crafted with intricate detail, this adorable candle features a cuddly bunny nestled amidst a bunch of vibrant carrots. What sets this candle apart is its enticing fruity scent, reminiscent of a bountiful orchard in full bloom. Each whiff carries notes of ripe strawberries, juicy oranges, and tangy berries, infusing your room with a fresh and invigorating aroma. Whether as a centerpiece for your table or a thoughtful gift for a friend, our Bunny Candle with Carrots promises to brighten your day with its playful design and irresistible fruity fragrance.

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